About College

Background and Tradition

The College was established in the year 1959 by the Muslim Association, Kanpur. Since then it has grown into a premier minority institution of the state and it has been serving the society through its supreme educational standard late Babu Adul Barkat saheb and Late Janab Ahmad Saheb, B.A., who were the first president and secretary respectively of the College Management Committee together contemporaries rendered selfless service to the college. It is due to their endeavor that the college has grown into a post graduate institution having faculties of Arts, Social Science, Commerce and Teacher's Training (B.Ed.).

It is a matter of pleasure and pride that succeding management committees led by great visionaries like late Haji Mohd. Sami Saheb, Late Janab Abdul Qaium Saheb, Late Janab Ashfaq Ahmad Saheb, Late Janab Muzaffer Husain Saheb, Late Janab Mohd. Qais Saheb, Late Janab Mohd. Rafiq Saheb. Janab Mohd. Nazir Saheb, Late Janab Irshad Ahmad Iraqi, Fahim Ahmad Saheb, Janab Ishrat Qaiyum Saheb, Janab Mohd, Haseeb Saheb, Janab Mohd Aslam Saheb, Janab Rizwan Ullah Saheb, Janab Anwar Kamal Saheb, Janab Haji Iqbal Ahmad Saheb and Dr. MAW Razwi, the present secretary have made great contribution to the growth and development of the college. It is not possible to mention here the names of other renowned tannery owners and hide merchants whose contribution to the development of the college has been substantial.

Vision Statement

The vision of Halim Muslim P-G College is ''to be a dynamic, inclusive and competitive centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to humanity,"

Mission Statement

The mission of Halim Muslim P-G College is "to provide quality education and training, promote scholarship, service, innovative and creativity and inculcate moral values for sustainable individual and societal development."

Identity Statement

Halim Muslim P-G College is "a community of scholars committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and cultivation of wisdom for the welfare of society".


The objective of Halim Muslim P-G College are to:

  1. Promote the development and expansion of higher education opportunities through initiation of our program.
  2. Provide an environment that nurtures excellence and high standards of professionalism in teaching, learning, research and community service.
  3. Create equal opportunity for those qualified to pursue college education.
  4. Promote the development of the students welfare system for the attainment of academic excellence, all-round education and an all-round development of the personality of the students.
  5. Prepare students as worth citizen of the country, possessed with the sprit of secularism, tolerance and universal brotherhood.
  6. Promote facilities in collaboration with other approved institutions for enhancing access to higher education.

Core Values


Halim Muslim P-G College will encourage freedom of thoughts and expressions of opinion, intellectual and moral commitment to the pursuit of truth will continue to guide research, dissemination of knowledge and interpersoal relationships both locally and internationally.


In an effort to achieve its vision, Halim Muslim P-G College is determined to produce graduates capable of meeting the challenges of the 21th Century.


To cope with the constant change and challenges, the college with endeavor to cultivate creativity among staff and students. Creative people are flexible, adaptable and imaginative in anticipation and responding to situations as they unfold.


The college will strive to ensure that its graduates become independent workers, thinkers, job creators and well-grounded individuals. In addition, the college will strive to create in independent financial base as well as have a motivated innovative work force.


The heart of innovation is continuous renewal and betterment of existing situations, innovation will be key driver for institutional competitiveness and service. Halim Muslim P-G College will use innovative approaches in teaching and learning in an efforts to transform learners into creative thinkers.


The level of professionalism in any institution determines the degree to which the institution realizes its vision and mission. Halim Muslim P-G College will promote this idea at all levels of its operations.

Moral Integrity

Halim Muslim P-G College will strive to enhance interpersonal relations among staff and students in order to achieve a common goal. The key values that the institution will strive to institute including integrity, honesty, tolerance and mutual respect.


Democratization will be enhanced through inclusive participation in decision-making and management. The principles of responsibility, accountability and academic freedom will be enhanced at all levels.

Institutional Culture

A mark of differentiation for any institution is its value driven organizational culture. To distinguish itself as a national level institution, Halim Muslim P-G College will enhance a culture in which staff and students are responsible self-driven as a consequence of internalizing self-prescribed institutional values.

Academic Freedom

Halim Muslim P-G College is a community of scholars where intellectual liberty to pursue truth to its logical conclusion is upheld. The institution is committed to the enhancement of academic freedom, which is requisite in excellence.

Academic Freedom

Halim Muslim P-G College is a community of scholars where intellectual liberty to pursue truth to its logical conclusion is upheld. The institution is committed to the enhancement of academic freedom, which is requisite in excellence.

Satellite Interactive Terminal

To enhance the quality of teaching and learning, encouraging innovation in practical teaching, enhancing the productivity of teachers our college has been provided with satellite interactive Terminal (SIT) and ICT based supplementary learning facility. It is a way of continuous accessing, adopting and applying new knowledge, growing inter connectedness between diverse academic disciplines and emergence of new areas. It will divinity increase students mobility nationality and internationally. It will go a long way in enhancing the knowledge of student and updating the teacher with latest developments.


There is also provision for N.C.C. training in the college which is optional. The N.C.C. training leading to award of certificates B and C is imparted under supervision and guidance of Captain M.S.H. Zafar Annual Training Camps. Attachment Camps, Basic Leadership courses also held regularly.


National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) unit if now functional in the college under the direction of Dr. Mohd Arshad (Programe officer). Under this scheme 100 students are selected.

Research Center

A separate Research Centre has been created in the college in order to provide the latest books and related journals to the research scholars.

Major Research Project Cell

A major research project cell has been made. Two Major Research Projects sponsored by UGC New Delhi which are being carried on by Dr. Firoz Khan, Department of Hindi and Dr. Meraj Anwar Khan, Department of Urdu. In addition to these two projects going in the college Dr. Abdullah Faiz, Department of Commerce is associated with UGC major research project being carried in the Department of Commerce AMU, Aligarh as investigator.